Interactive Culture

With the StoryScope, anyone can create stories and show them on a wall or screen. By dynamically combining the ancient technique of shadow play with modern technology, we create a magical box with which the possibilities are endless to invent, play and show stories.

The StoryScope is self-contained, no instructions are needed, just plug it in and it functions. All the technology is hidden under the glass plate and is not visible to the users.

By moving small wooden objects back and forth across the glass plate, the projected figures instantly come to life. By playing, telling and inventing together, children constantly develop new ideas and unique stories are created.

The possibilities with the StoryScope are endless; the existing characters can be changed, bigger, smaller, different, we can change the day into night and back again, and the players determine how the story develops. New characters can also be added using drawings that the children make themselves.

The StoryScope can be used in the classroom, at a festival, in a waiting room, museum, media lab, or activity room, but it can also be played with under supervision, for example with a storyteller. We actively participate in the development of new content, teaching materials and other opportunities to use the StoryScope as broadly as possible.

The StoryScope has been used successfully in elementary school in the province of Utrecht in the classroom for 4 years (via Kunstcentraal) and there are also StoryScopes (in the making) for Groningen (Forum), Eindhoven (Cultuurstation), Enschede (Tetem) and Lelystad (Kubus). He also performs regularly at festivals such as Cinekid and Kaboom and in libraries throughout the country.

Stichting Interactive Culture

Interactive Culture Foundation has been developing innovative projects at the intersection of interaction, education and art since 2018. By developing and implementing apps, games, installations and exhibitions, Interactive Culture Foundation delivers innovative and added value within the education, cultural and healthcare sectors. Our mission is to facilitate personal and approachable interactions between users, making use of the latest technology without letting it come to the fore. With this we want to make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to society.

Our projects are all approachable, suitable for (almost) all ages and emphasize the fun of playing and discovering together.

Click here to get an impression of the StoryScope in action!